Sunday, July 7, 2013

Command center

Ethan loves to stand up and insists upon it even though he cannot do it by himself yet. We decided to get him an exercise saucer ( I call it his command center)so he could sit or stand all he wanted and I could try (haha) and get stuff done around the house. 

It came in a ton of pieces

But I figured it out quickly and soon we were playing
He really likes it but so much for getting stuff done..... He insists I play with him!

Father's Day

For a Father's Day gift I decided to do a craft for John. This way Ethan could be involved :) This is what we made-
We had to have a little photo shoot to get a good pic 
We love John so much and hope he had a great day!

First hockey game!

A week after his first baseball game we took Ethan to his first hockey game. Again, he did so well! He is always so good when he sits on his daddy's lap. 
Here he is all ready to go!
He fell asleep during the second break but woke up to watch the end of the game. 
I usually carry him in the carrier that is in this picture when I need my hands or space in the shopping cart. He usually doesn't mind being in his carrier and will just watch what's going on or sleep. This time was different. This time his daddy was there. He is such a daddy's boy! When he realized John could of been holding him he started screaming. I thought it was just because he was tired but the second he was in johns arms .... silence. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

First baseball game

We took Ethan to his first baseball game a couple weeks ago. We had a couple extra tickets so we invited another couple who also have a baby under 1. 

Connor ( Lindsayanne and Byron's baby) does NOT like car rides but we were able to keep him happy for a little while. 

Once we got there Ethan just watched everything that was going on. John held him most of the time and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't of had it any other way. 
He is such a daddy's boy!

I didn't know this before but at most sporting events you can go to the customer service and they give you something if its your first time there. At Dodgers stadium they have a certificate and a sticker. John got him the little hat. 
They were also giving out fatheads to all the kids! 
We all had a lot of fun and I'm glad Ethan did so well at his first sporting event!


Ethan is now 3 months old! Weighing in at 17.8 lbs and measuring 26 inches long this kid is growing fast! 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

First Day At Church

Ethan had a great first day at church! He was quiet and slept most of the time. So many people enjoyed seeing him and we definitely enjoyed showing him off :)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Getting out!

We went for our first walk today. Well, our first walk off our property. I have taken Ethan on several "walks" around the house. I bundle him up in the stroller and we walk around the outside of the house. Today we went to the closest stop sign and back. Instead of the stroller we took one of our slings. Ethan slept the whole time but I think that means he liked it. :)